Allan Sekula: Ship of Fools / Dockers’ Museum

As the closing event of the current exhibition, Johann Jakobs Museum presents the book Ship of Fools/The Dockers' Museum and will hold a conference in the artist's honor in collaboration with Maumaus, Lisbon.

-11 am -1 pm: Benjamin Buchloh
(in conversation with Roger M. Buergel) On the legacies of Conceptual Art
-2 pm - 5 pm: Manthia Diawara - On the Films of Allan Sekula
Hilde Van Gelder - Ship of Fools and ‘The Rights of Man:’ Allan Sekula’s Reconsidered Humanism
Alberto Toscano - Landscapes of Capital


CONTOUR 7, a Moving Image Biennale, is dedicated to humanist and statesman Thomas More. Regarded by many as a martyr and by some as a monster, perhaps even as a philosopher or artist. Certainly he was a brilliant fool, ahead of his time. It was while visiting Flanders – he stopped through Mechelen – in the summer of 1515 that he wrote the bulk of his book on the ideal commonwealth, the island of Utopia.

Frederik Truyen

Prof. dr. Frederik Truyen (°1961) is professor at the Faculty of Arts, Leuven University (KU Leuven). He publishes on E-Learning, ICT Education, Digitisation of Cultural Heritage and Epistemology. Head of ICT Services at the Faculty of Arts. In charge of CS Digital, the mediaLab of the Institute for Cultural Studies. He teaches Information Science at the BA and Online Publishing at the MA level. Active on ICT at several levels of the University, mostly related to Web technology and E-Learning.

Jan Dirk Baetens

Dr. Jan Dirk Baetens teaches modern art history at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. He specializes in nineteenth century art. He studied law at the University of Antwerp and art history at the KULeuven. In 2011 he received his PhD at the KULeuven with a dissertation on the Belgian painter Henri Leys (1815-1869).


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