Tracing the Future

Is Thomas More’s Utopia still a source of inspiration for artists today? This project gives an often spectacular answer to this question. The exhibition showcases how artists today treat the concept of ‘utopia’ in their work. Faithful to Thomas More, they depict both the success and failure of the search for an ideal world.

Call for Papers: “Disassembled Images”: Contemporary Art After Allan Sekula (Antwerp, 2-4 March 2017)

This conference takes the US artist, theoretician, critic, teacher and poet Allan Sekula’s Ship of Fools / The Dockers’ Museum (2010-2013) as its point of departure. At the very end of his life Sekula produced this unfinished, multifaceted and variably installable work of art, which contains ca. 1250 objects.

Embassy of Uncertain Shores

Le deuxième événement organisé dans le cadre du programme Embassy of Uncertain Shores est une conférence-performance présentée en français par le collectif Slavs and Tatars. Dans 79.89.09, le collectif explore deux moments clés de l’époque contemporaine: la Révolution iranienne de 1979 et le mouvement Solidarnosc en Pologne au début des années 80. 79.89.09 est le résultat de leur recherche des points de convergence improbables entre les histoires économiques, culturelles et politiques de Pologne et d’Iran.

Katelijne Lindemans

Katelijne Lindemans obtained a Master’s degree in Theatre and Film Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in both English Philology and Art History. Katelijne is currently working as a Project Assistant at the LGC in the framework of the OT-FWO research project “Art Against the Grain of ‘Collective Sisyphus’. The Case of Allan Sekula’s Ship of Fools / The Dockers’ Museum". She also works as Press and Communication Manager for Contour Biennale 8 in Mechelen.​

Die Attraktion des Apparativen

Das "Institut für Medien, Theater und Populäre Kultur" lädt ein zu der internationalen Konferenz „Die Attraktionen des Apparativen“ ins Sprengelmuseum Hannover. Zwanzig Medienwissenschaftler*innen aus Deutschland, Österreich, Frankreich, den Niederlanden und den USA sprechen an zwei Tagen über Medienapparate in den Künsten. Die neuere Mediengeschichte erscheint nicht zuletzt als eine Geschichte der Dematerialisierung.

Professor Barbara Baert honoured with 2016 Francqui Prize and KU Leuven's Pioniersprijs 2016

We are proud to announce that professor Barbara Baert is the recipient of both the KU Leuven’s “Pioniersprijs 2016” and the prestigious 2016 Francqui Prize. The Jury report of the Francqui Prize highlights that: “Professor Baert’s research has promoted an intensive international dialogue between the study of the culture, society, and art of mediaeval Europe with history, philosophy, anthropology, theology, and psychology.

Embassy of Uncertain Shores

Starting this May 2016, the Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain hosts the Embassy of Uncertain Shores, a public programme of lecture-performances, debates, music and happenings by and with artists and researchers. The program, drafted by Nicola Setari, provides a space of encounter and discussion for those who physically, intellectually and diplomatically search for shores beyond the reefs and rifts in Europe and its neighboring lands. The Embassy represents the research of artists and thinkers working on the interrelations between geopolitical transformations and micro narratives.

The Transhistorical Museum: Objects, Narratives & Temporalities

In November 2015 M - Museum Leuven and Frans Hals Museum, De Hallen Haarlem (the Netherlands) organised the first part of the joined research project on the notion of 'transhistoricity'. In Haarlem the colloquium focused on the collection in the transhistorical museum. In Leuven the focus will be on curatorial aspects. The symposium will bring together different perspectives - museological, curatorial, theoretical - on the subject of transhistoricity.

Susana S. Martins

Susana S. Martins is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Art History (FCSH/NOVA), in Lisbon, where she also teaches. Trained as an art historian, she completed her PhD on photography and cultural studies at the KULeuven and she has been mainly working on the intersection of photography, books and exhibitions. Currently, her research focuses on the display of photography in print and exhibitionary contexts. Martins also lectures in the fields of photography, 19th-century visual culture and contemporary art.


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