Picture Presence. New Conceptions of Space and Place in Contemporary Photography

"You can constantly question my images: there are new stories in them every time" –Dirk Braeckman

Working with analogue photography, Dirk Braeckman explores the boundaries of his medium and challenges photographic conventions. His work reflects on the act of viewing and the status of the image.

STARCHITECTURE. Scenes, Actors and Spectacles in Contemporary Cities

In recent years, widespread media and critical attention has been lavished on famous architects and how their spectacular designs contribute to the branding of cities. Far less is known about the decision-making processes behind these projects and their subsequent urban effects. The book Starchitecture (by urban scholar Davide Ponzini and photographer Michele Nastasi) investigates recent skyscrapers, cultural projects, and high-profile developments designed by star architects in cities such as Paris, New York, Abu Dhabi, and Bilbao.

Delirium and Resistance: Activist art and the Crisis of Capitalism

In the aftermath of the 2016 US election, Brexit and a global upsurge of nationalist populism, it is evident that the delirium and the crisis of neoliberal capitalism is now the delirium and crisis of liberal democracy and its culture. And though capitalist crisis does not begin within art, art can reflect and amplify its effects to positive and negative ends.

A Class of Their Own

The pioneer group of the Düsseldorf School

The ‘Düsseldorf School’ has become a household name in the art world for one of the most successful and influential strains of modern photography. Coined in the late 1980s, the name refers mainly to the pioneer group of students of the late Bernd Becher, who in 1976 became the first professor for creative photography at a German arts academy. His students included Andreas Gursky, Candida Höfer, Axel Hütte, Thomas Ruff, and Thomas Struth, all of them today internationally acclaimed artists in their own right.

Art & Science: Regards Croisés

Nowadays, many researchers have been attracted to the question of the relationship between art and science. Until now, they have been able to establish the role of technological and scientific advancements in the arts of the Renaissance until the present with a growing pertinence. The objective of this colloquium, which will be held in French, is to understand the reason for many artists's fascination towards science, and more.

Reconstitution et intégration au croisement de la muséologie et de l’art contemporain

CERTA, the centre for research on art theory of the Université Catholique de Louvain, presents a conference day on reconstitution and integration in museology and contemporary art. The lectures cover a miscellaneous set of themes, ranging from the history of contemporary art museology, the archive, analogue museography and the reconstruction of everyday environments in the museum to curiosity cabinets, ethnography in contemporary art and the representation of society and civility in the museum space.

Herman Asselberghs

Within the framework of his solo exhibition "For Now" (until 12/2/2017 at De Garage, Mechelen), artist Herman Asselberghs will engage in a discussion with our honorable co-director prof. Hilde Van Gelder. Asselberghs will provide a view upon his ideas and working methods through a number of fragments from his own works and that of other filmmakers. During the last 15 years Asselberghs has constructed a modest, but nevertheless precise and international audiovisual oeuvre. As an artist, he questions the borderlines between word and image, media and world, cinema and politics.


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