Reconstitution et intégration au croisement de la muséologie et de l’art contemporain

CERTA, the centre for research on art theory of the Université Catholique de Louvain, presents a conference day on reconstitution and integration in museology and contemporary art. The lectures cover a miscellaneous set of themes, ranging from the history of contemporary art museology, the archive, analogue museography and the reconstruction of everyday environments in the museum to curiosity cabinets, ethnography in contemporary art and the representation of society and civility in the museum space.

Herman Asselberghs

Within the framework of his solo exhibition "For Now" (until 12/2/2017 at De Garage, Mechelen), artist Herman Asselberghs will engage in a discussion with our honorable co-director prof. Hilde Van Gelder. Asselberghs will provide a view upon his ideas and working methods through a number of fragments from his own works and that of other filmmakers. During the last 15 years Asselberghs has constructed a modest, but nevertheless precise and international audiovisual oeuvre. As an artist, he questions the borderlines between word and image, media and world, cinema and politics.

Zeynep Kubat

Zeynep Kubat holds the position of job student at LGC. She finished her MA in Art History at KU Leuven. Her thesis research investigates the iconology of the body in the work of Ed Atkins. Zeynep's responsibilities include practical and research assistance for LGC's project on Allan Sekula's "Ship of Fools/The Dockers' Museum" and organisational assistance, such as the management of the LGC website and Facebook page.

Nicola Setari: New Head of Intermedia Research Unit and Head of Visual Arts at LUCA

New Position for Nicola Setari at LUCA School of Arts

LGC is very happy to announce the new position of our colleague Nicola Setari at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. He will be the new Head of Research for the Intermedia Research Unit. This research unit focuses on the interdisciplinary character of contemporary art practices and questions the interrelation between different media. The research groups of this unit focus on three subjects: mediated environments, narrative arts and expanded photography.

Masques, drones, surveillance:

Masques, drones, surveillance:

de la disparition du visage et du corps dans l'art contemporain et la culture visuelle

On Friday 25 November, Jana Haeckel will defend her PhD on the comparative analysis of the representation of  the face and the body in contemporary art and visual culture. Hereby, she will consider the changing politics of the image and the body since 9/11. 

Federica Mantoan

Federica Mantoan holds a BA and an MA in Chinese Studies with a specialisation in Chinese Art and Material Culture and an MA in Design Cultures. At the LGC Federica works as a Coördinator in the framework of the research project "Art Against the Grain of 'Collective Sisyphus'. The Case of Allan Sekula's Ship of Fools/The Dockers' Museum".

Artist Talk: Martin Le Chevallier

Münster, the new film by Martin Le Chevallier (°1968, France), narrates the story of an Anabaptist community that has written history in the North-German city of Münster. They combined a revolutionary faith with a communist way of life avant la lettre. Alas, the dream would not last long… Martin Le Chevallier will explain his new work, which has its world premiere in Leuven. He will be joined in his lecture by Gert Gielis (postdoctoral researcher, FWO-Flanders), who will shed more light on the historical context of the Anabaptist movement.


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