Miguel A. González Virgen

Miguel González Virgen has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University. He is an important art critic and historian in Mexico, where he has written extensively on the influential generation of artists from the nineties. In September 2013 Miguel arrived at Belgium to start at the LGC his research leading to the PhD degree. His dissertation project is titled “Artistic Research: Definitions and the quest for paradigms.”

François Maheu

Dr. François Maheu is a scientific collaborator at UCL. His fields of research are conceptual art, photography theory and pedagogy of art, with a focus on photographic error as an operational tool of analysis. He holds a PhD in History of Art and studied art history at the Université Catholique de Louvain.

Jana J. Haeckel

Dr. Jana J. Haeckel is an art historian, lecturer and curator. Her fields of research are contemporary art, visual culture and media studies, with a focus on image and body politics. She holds a Ph.D. in the History of Art (UCL) and studied art history, comparative literature, and French at the Humboldt University Berlin and Sorbonne Paris.

Tania Gamez de Leon

Tania Gámez de León is currently completing her PhD research at the KU Leuven and is part of the educational support team at the Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels. Her field of interests are XIX century Mexican painting and photography, politics of space, and art mediation. She is the author of Rostro reflejado ante un espejo. Manuel Ocaranza pintor 1841-1882. Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico, 2009.‬‬


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