A Letter's Discourse

A Letter's Discourse
Examining the letter as a form of exchange in audio & visual arts

14h-17h: Symposium with presentations by
Alia Syed (artist & filmmaker), Ana Bilbao (editor Afterall Journal), Bie Michels (artist & filmmaker), Wendy Morris (artist & filmmaker) and Petra Van Brabandt (philosopher).

18h-21h: Letter Reading Exchange
Open mic with twenty readers of letters of their own choice.

Situation #2 Julien Creuzet

Perruche #2 presents the first solo exhibition by artist Julien Creuzet in Brussels. His multimedia installations use found objects, video, engraving and poetry toquestion the role of language for the individual and collective memory. Inspired by the philosophical reflections of Édouard Glissant, Julien Creuzet’s work focuses on the complex intersection of the history of Martinique and the events of European modernity.

Vastbesloten Verlangens

LGC member Wendy Morris is participating in a new exhibition ‘Vastbesloten en Verlangend’ at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam.

Determined and desiring, but also recalling and reaffirming, are reoccurring terms in the Maastricht Treaty, signed on 7 February 1992 by the then twelve European member states. The filmmakers refer to the historical facts that mark the beginning of the 20th century Europe, and shed their light on a contemporary quest: what remains today of the euphoria that the states then experienced in Maastricht and - above all - in Europe?


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