A Letter's Discourse

A Letter's Discourse
Examining the letter as a form of exchange in audio & visual arts

14h-17h: Symposium with presentations by
Alia Syed (artist & filmmaker), Ana Bilbao (editor Afterall Journal), Bie Michels (artist & filmmaker), Wendy Morris (artist & filmmaker) and Petra Van Brabandt (philosopher).

18h-21h: Letter Reading Exchange
Open mic with twenty readers of letters of their own choice.


The study ‘Tracking Frank Stella’ builds bridges between (the theory of) art and science. On Sunday 10 March an interdisciplinary group of art theorists, psychologists and artists who are exploring the possibilities and insights of this study will come together at a symposium. Professor Ignace Hooge (University of Utrecht)) will discuss the possibilities of eye tracking for understanding the perception of art. Stefanie De Winter (KU Leuven) will explore the aim and first results of the research. Dr. Rebecca Uchill (MIT) will speak about the social context of the perception of color.

Finissage ‘Signal or Noise | The Photographic II’

Signal or Noise is the second part of the exhibition The Photographic which applies an extended concept of photography, from discipline to mentality. The first chapter, Other Pictures (2017-18), questioned the special potential of the still image. A perspective that with this exhibition is reversed: we turn the gaze inwards and explore the extended apparatus of the photographic as a crucial framework for contemporary human existence.

Inaugurating the Wind Egg Affiliated Society

This ARIA symposium is presented in the context of Haseeb Ahmed’s PhD project, “The Wind Egg.” This project sits at the intersection of art and science, particularly fluid dynamics. It entailed collaborations between practitioners in a variety of fields and this conference inaugurates the Wind Egg Affiliated Society (WEAS) to formalize these collaborations as a foundation for future productions.

Hosted by ARIA, M HKA and Sint Lucas Antwerpen

Herman Asselberghs

In the last 15 years, the Brussels-based artist Herman Asselberghs has built a modest but precise and internationally presented body of audiovisual work, in which he explores the borders between word and image, world and media, poetics and politics. He teaches Film Studies at the film department of LUCA Sint-Lukas Brussel and runs its MA-program in Film Directing. He is a founding member of the artists-run film production platform Auguste Orts. (www.augusteorts.be)


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